Terms and conditions of the TAF- Academy


1. Registration
a) The declaration shall be made in writing to the Taf- Academy and is only filled out and signed final.
b) Registrations will be accepted only until one week before the event. After that, participation is possible only in exceptional cases.
c) The minimum group size is 5 people depending on the price type is the number of participants is limited to 12-15 people!
d) The TAF- Academy reserves the right under certain circumstances, the designated speakers replaced.

2 . Payment method
a) Payment is made by bank transfer or cash.
b) The fees must be received before the event to the account of the TAF-Academy at least 1 week. If you register within 7 days before the start of training, payment of fees only bars at start of the event
c) If the course fee are received not one weeks before the event is a participation is possible only in exceptional cases.
d) All prices are in Euros and include the legal VAT, if not reported separately.

3. Cancellation
a) A cancellation is only possible in writing to the address of the TAF- Academy. The burden of proof is with the students.
b) In case of cancellation 4 weeks before the event begins, the entire price replaced or transferred to another course free of charge.
c) Upon cancellation of up to 14 days before the event starts fall to 15 euros in damages or a transfer to another course is free.
d) Upon cancellation of a week before the course, 50% of course fees as damages due. It can also be transferred to another course
e) provided the market participants without the written cancellation, 100% of course fees as damages are due. It can also be transferred to another course.
f) For demonstrable reasons, are not the responsibility of the students, such as illness (only with a medical certificate) at the discretion of the - Academy will be offered to make up the missed course or to enroll in a different course. There is no entitlement to a refund!

4. Transfer
a) A transfer of the course to another date is free of charge.

5. Test/Exam
a) Should there be a final exam on the first not even existed, it can be rescheduled within 3 months. There are no exam fees.
b) A second Repetition is possible only after 3 months. There are again testing fees.
c) A 3rd Repetition is not possible.

6. Licenses / Certificates
After passing the examination, the candidate receives:
a) diploma, which allows him in the field trained to work.
b) Licence/ certificate, which shows his improves and allows him in the field trained to work

7. Health
a) The participant confirms with his signature declaration that he is physically and mentally healthy and can participate safely in the program of the TAF- Academy.
b) The student takes part at their own risk in the program of the TAF- Academy and dismisses all collectively Taf- Academy employees from all liability.

8. Disclaimer
a) The liability for the content of education and training lie exclusively with the speakers / trainers. Claims or liabilities that are made by students or third claims are aimed directly at the speakers / trainers. The management of the TAF- Academy assumes no liability.

9. Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction is Cologne