What is personal training?

"Who wants to move the world, should first move himself."
( Sokrates )

Personal Training at the Taf-Academy means an efficient one to one training to the individual needs of the customer and goal achievement and personal change through a flexible, always professional and personal attention of a trainer.

Personal Training is a service and therefore always dependent on the good quality of implementation of Personal Trainers (recommendation business). Through observation and analysis tries the personal trainer to obtain a path to personal change in his customers. Normally, only one client per unit is maintained, but also there are personal trainer working in small groups.
Often, this intensive form of fitness / health training by professionally very busy person is used, which have little time to devote to the training and want to make optimal use of available time through customized exercise programs. On the other hand, the proportion of customers rises who come through physical symptoms, advanced age or motivation problems.

We offer our sports science knowledge in the following products for your personal individual training:

- Pilates
- Back special
- Preventive and Rehabilitations training e.g. after injury
- Weight reduction
- Body Shape
- Nutrition counseling, preparation of diet plans
- Muscle - Relaxation, stress management
- Stretching
- General fitness
- Endurance Training

They can be individually advised, agreeing an appointment.

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Personal Trainer

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Petra Schmitz

Personal Training is defined as a personal training session to individual needs of customers, and its achievement by a strong training session with professional, flexible and personal service. Only about 5% of all exercisers achieve their training goals. Lack of background knowledge about exercise, how exercise selection, intensity and frequency are the most common causes. The individual care by a personal trainer becomes in Germany therefore an ever more important. Professional competence and quality are valued and rewarded accordingly like. As a personal trainer gives a broad education field, it is also simultaneously a high demand on the quality of training and the coach asked. Training for the Personal Trainer of the TAF- Academy, provides the sound, sports science knowledge to provide in all relevant areas of personal training on their own responsibility and extensive services to be optimally positioned in the market with their own product "Personal Training".
- Forms and possibilities of personal training
- Specific techniques / methods of personal training in theory and practice
- the development of an optimal exercise
- nutrition
- organization, equipment, documentation and success factors
- marketing, customer acquisition, advertising
- starting a business, insurance / protection, tax - fee negotiation, contracting

Maximum participants : 12

Prerequisites : at least a B- license (fitness trainer) or similar, additional qualification in one area (focal point), at least one year of professional experience and educational expertise
Certificate of participation through certificate : Personal Trainer



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