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The team of the TAF- Academy convinced with expertise and experience in the areas of health and fitness.

Our goal is to convince through quality and expertise ...

Petra Schmitz

Owner and Director of the Taf- Academy

  • MA Certified sports scientist, studies at Cologne Spots University
  • Certified Sports Physiotherapist
  • Teaching studies in Music
  • Artistic full time Scholarship of the DAAD and the Folkwankschule Essen (Germany) for studies in London
  • Professional Diploma in Dance studies at Laban Center for movement and dance in London and studies of elementary Dance of Maya Lex by Graziela Padilla at the Sports University in Cologne
  • Pilates trainer at the Laban Center in London
  • Stage dancer and choreographer in Germany and abroad (for example Opera Bonn and Frankfurt, two months tour in Japan and Korea, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Italy, Spain and Holland) and in various contemporary Dance companies
  • Choreographer of the show production company Art-Revolution www.art-revolution.de
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Nutritionist
Jutta Mensing

Examiner of the TAF- Academy

  • TAF-aerobics instructor since 1999
  • TAF-B license examiner
  • Owner of the TAF Company 2003-2006
  • German vice-champion team in 1997 Aerobic
  • many years as director and choreographer of an aerobic-team competition
  • 3 years aerobics coordinator in a large gym
  • since 14 years instructor for aerobics, step, workouts, interval training, senior training, Ski Fit and back exercises
  • Pilates training TAF Academy
  • Fitness Trainer training
  • Advanced training in spinal gymnastics, indoor cycling, Reebok Fit Kids, step, interval training, BBP, Dance Aerobics, Fitball, salsa aerobics and power yoga
  • DFAV B-and A-licensed
Dr. Winifred König

Examiner of the TAF- Academy

1971-1979 Study of medicine in Freiburg and Bonn
1980 Graduation
1995 Head of Sports Exercise Circle Rhein-Sieg
1996 Head of Practice "Sport in cancer rehabilitation"
1997 back headmistress DTB
2003 Walking Trainer
2003 Nordic Walking Basic Instructor
2004 Training on Food physician (according to the guidelines of the Federal Medical Council)
2005 Education "Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson (PMR)
2009 Pilates Master Trainer
2010 shaping cross trainer
Since 2006 business manager PraeVita Bonn
Delia Inhester

Examiner of the TAF- Academy

  • Qualified sports scientist
  • Sports scientist IHK
  • Personal Trainer (since 2006 BPT e.V.)
  • Pilates master trainer (TAF- Academy )
  • Since 2000, active as a freelance trainer and personal trainer (di-gesundheit)
  • 2002-2005 sporty line of an outpatient rehab center
  • Since 2006 working as a consultant in various organizations (eg the District Sports Association, Disabled Sports Association, National Sports Federation, etc.)
  • 2006-2008 Site management of a multifunctional sports facility
  • Since 2008, owner PraeVita at Lower North Rhine

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Janet de Toia

Examiner of the TAF- Academy

  • Sport studies in New York State University
  • Exchange Program German Sport University Cologne
  • Several courses in dance and health in Germany and USA
  • Referentin for fitness and health in various training and sport academies’
  • Owner of Fitness for Women
Arne Derricks

Referent der TAF-Akademie

  • staatl. anerkannter Fitness Manager
  • Group Fitness Instruktor A-Lizenz
  • Personal Trainer des BDPT e.V.
  • Ernährungsberater
  • ausgebildeter Tanzlehrer
  • ausgebildeter Pilates Coach
  • Ausbilder und Presenter für Fitness, Gesundheit & Rehabilitation
  • bekannt als TV Coach