TAF- Academy Philosophy
I express myself through my body and my body expresses me.
(Grupe, German sports philosopher)

This quote shows us again how important and complex targeted body training for our body is. Because only in a healthy body can live a mentally and emotionally healthy person.It sees the TAF Academy, as the great challenge to each individual coach: Request without overwhelming.Therefore, for successful training work as a professional, informed and health-oriented training with regular training is essential.We offer a solid, in practice-oriented and methodical-didactic best researched training in education for sports and health, which appreciates not only competent, professional knowledge of its graduates, but also leads to the development of a professional-looking personality and human Ripened of each individual coach.

Our education and training program consists of market-oriented and future-oriented trends in the health and fitness area.We wish each TAF-member a personal extension of its own capabilities and an optional challenge and tackle of the difficult work as a trainer in the field of sports and health.

The TAF- Academy also offers its cooperation with various health institutions to private individuals an opportunity to various health and sports programs, the TAF- Academy to take part and thus to inquire about current and scientific standards on various topics, and to preserve his health and to increase quality of life.


Read reviews of our training:

Your choice of courses and workshops is diverse and always adapted to the demand and the latest trends. From my home with you completed training courses and workshops, I took great exception. From the content, structure on comprehensibility, applicability, and competent leadership to the family atmosphere, I can only report positive. And all at fair prices! Thank you very much for it, keep it up!

I found both the spine and the Pilates trainer training to be informative, enjoyable and personally. We were all small groups, which had the advantage that it was taught very personal to the smallest detail. The reacting to the learned was always very good, as all content was very practical and was obtained under consideration of the physical condition of students in the studios (Obese, back problems as well as 70 year olds in the back rows).

The Pilates trainer training content were precisely structured, comprehensive and coordinated. The health orientation was discussed at great length and detail. The structure of the lesson, based on the Pilates principles, initiated and executed by breathing, safe, gentle and health-oriented, has convinced me. The advice in any direction: training, hours, structure, content, I always found it very satisfactory.
In the Pilates workshops and training, I learned always something new or exercises can improve.
Petra Schmitz convinced by sound knowledge and the ability of content and processes to provide each participant to understand.
The Step B- license at Gaby Maass was well structured, and a lot of fun. As a trainer Gaby Maass was hard and demanding, but also patient with our mistakes. As a trainer, I was impressed by her.
To all workshops and trainings, a detailed handout!! Very positive


It's really good that we have made Pilates training. Pilates is quite in demand. Ansgar and I founded the "health sports (www.gesundheitssportler.de)"
It has started very well. Thank you ....

I have now run two Pilates classes and both very good. Participants meet regularly and are super happy. What you have told us concerning the 10 week program, you were right.
Beginners do with the exercises very difficult. Many have back, knee or hip problems or are so inflexible that I have to make almost every exercise in lower level, as we have learned with you.
Thank you for everything